The Miracle of Your Mat: Eileen Barbour

A few weeks ago, something very sad happened to a friend of mine, one of those things that you couldn’t even imagine. It was an unthinkable pain and extreme disappointment. I felt her pain, but have no real experience of her sorrow.  I ached so much for this young woman and couldn’t figure out how ease the pain I felt for her and her family. I came to my mat to meditate, move and breathe. During my practice the sharp pain receded into an ache and I was able to see that there was a future for this young family and life would go on for them. I cannot ease the pain and angst my young friend still feels and will for a very long time, but my need to face this sorrow brought me to my yoga philosophy. I am very grateful that it helped me to experience the pain and see through the other side. Experiencing the sorrow leads us to feel the joy on the other end. I am grateful for my practice and how it helps me to find balance in my life. 

It is the season of thanksgiving, so take time to be grateful for the simplicity of your life that is in the here and now. The color of the changing trees, the smell of a cooking meal, and the family you have created to share all this with.  I have an incredible group of cousins and extended family that I have had the good fortune to accompany on this crazy journey of life. We have suffered many sorrows together, but we have shared many joys together. 

Join me on Thanksgiving morning at 9:15 am at Exhale Yoga Pendleton for a moving practice on your mat. Practicing a grateful, moving vinyasa on the morning of Thanksgiving will help create spaces in your body and mind to open your hearts to family and friends for the holiday. You will be ready for the family, food and fun. The cost is a cash donation of your choice and all the proceeds will go to the Wheeler Mission.  

“With mindfulness, we can learn the art of transforming any moment into a happy moment, a legendary moment. It is the art of arriving in the present moment to recognize all the conditions of happiness we already have. And it is at the same time the art of transforming our suffering. The two go together. Recognizing our conditions of happiness and cultivating moments of happiness helps us handle and embrace our suffering. Watering our seeds of joy and wellbeing helps our suffering transform.” - Thich Nhát Hanh, The Art of Living.

A vinyasa will help you heal and feel the joy of letting go. As you breathe into your pose, take your body to its edge, your thoughts move gently in and out of your consciousness. 

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