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Welcome to Exhale Yoga

There are many things that might bring you to a yoga mat, although when it is happening you may not even be aware of the why

I dabbled in yoga over the past several years not really being sure what it is or meant, but I knew that attending a class brought me to a deeper level within myself where I felt closer to peace. I also found yoga to be great for cross training when I was preparing for half marathons.

I entered yoga teacher training really looking to understand more about the philosophy of yoga and there I found a community. This community supports physical and emotional balance, health, and wellness with positivity and love. I had the great privilege of being able to share that training experience with my oldest child and daughter, Lindsay Newell. What a wonderful opportunity for us to be able to learn and grow together. We have found so much joy and connectedness that we want to share that with others in our community -expanding the yoga family. Lindsay has her own personal journey through yoga and we knew that together we could make something special happen for our community. 

Yoga is a process that occurs individually and through the interaction and inspiration of community practice and teaching. You can do this at home and we encourage you to do so, yet your personal journey and experience will deepen through the practice and support of others as well. At Exhale Yoga, we provide that safe space for practice and connection. We are a place to let go, a place to grow. We will provide resources for you on your personal journey with yoga and other aspects of mind, body, and wellness. 

We have formed a team of instructors that have a variety of gifts and skills sets. We know that you will be inspired by each of them. We always welcome your feedback regarding the studio and suggestions how we can better serve you. 

Looking forward to growing with you…

Love and light, 

Anna & Lindsay


Rent Our Space

Why does this yoga studio have a kitchenette? The kitchenette is all a part of being able to be a resource to you, our yoga family through future teacher trainings, workshops, and other special events. The studio is available for rent outside of studio hours. 

Please email us at exhaleyogapendleton@gmail.com for inquiries.